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Random Restaurant Generator

Developer: Gloryright Studio

Deciding where to eat takes forever. Either your friends / family can never agree on where to go, or you're feeling indecisive and can't pick. With Random Restaurant Generator, you don't have to ask anyone anything or worry about what to pick. Random Restaurant Generator searches for places to eat near you and picks one at random. If you don't like the place it finds, swipe it to the left to get a new one. Found one you like? Swipe it to the right to open it in Yelp and check out more info. Got a place that you're thinking about, but not quite sure? Add it to your saved list by clicking the bookmark icon to access it later.
Features: - Filter your searches by entering a category or type of food you like (perfect for vegans). Multiple filters are supported! - Ability to use your GPS for places near you or enter a location manually to search a specific area. - Save restaurants to access them later if you want to narrow down your choices. - Ability to open the restaurant's page in Yelp for more information. - Displays a mini Google Maps to show where the restaurant is and to get quick directions to it.
This app is completely open source and you can check it out below on GitHub. Please feel free to fork, pull request, give feedback, suggest changes, submit a bug, anything. You can also contact me through email below.